View SMS Messages on Someone's iPhone

Media Files Monitoring4 clever ways view sms messages on someones iphone to prevent spying and 1 way to spy

  • JT says: April 2, 2011 at 11:35 pm

    deleted text are not actually stored in a different file. They are stored in the same file, but they are flagged for deletion. Once they are flagged the metadata is deleted and that area becomes available to new messages. It is not until the phone is synced with itunes that it cleans out the records marked for deletion. That is why it is important to tell iTunes not to sync automatically.

    The only way that I have found to recover these deleted messages is to use a Hex editor to view the binary file. I have done this successfully several times. I have not found a way to unflag them, but you can still view them.

    • joe says: April 17, 2011 at 6:34 pm


      Can you tell us more about using a Hex editor to view the binary file to read the deleted texts?


    • Kalena says: September 12, 2011 at 11:26 am

      Can you explain how to use the Hex Editor to view the binary files for the deleted flagged SMS? I would really appreciate it.

    • HelpPlease says: July 22, 2012 at 7:42 pm

      I was able to open the file with a hex editor but it’s the same stuff. I know there is deleted messages within this file, any guidance on how to locate them?


    Unlike apps like Google Voice or Textfree where you can send and receive texts mesages from an entirely new number and interface, WifiSMS is essentialy a replica of the iPhone's SMS messaging system displayed on your computer monitor. As a result, you get an instantly familiar interface that's a incredibly easy to set up. WifiSMS allows you to connect to your iPhone via it's Wi-Fi IP address (found in SBSettings), and interact directly with the SMS database stored on your iPhone. This means that all of your preexisting conversations are displayed on the computer along with the photos, videos, and emoji icons contained within the messages. There's even notifications, and the as well as the stock SMS sounds that play on the iPhone.It's recommended to save the address in your browser's bookmarks, that way your SMS messages will be quickly accessible throughout the day so long as your iPhone's Wi-Fi access is active. WifiSMS is perfect if you want to be able to manage your SMS messages throughout the day without having to be tethered to a small device.WiFiSMS is available for FREE in Cydia via the BigBoss repository.-------------------------------------------------------------------Visit: http://techgeec.comFollow us: music provided by Rekuiem ( )

    How To Read Other Peoples Text Messages For Free: Tips

    You have already read about several ways of how to spy on someones text messages free, now we give you several tips.

    • Chose the hack app which suits your purpose. Almost all applications are universal and are ready to spy on your kids or employees without any difficulties. At the same time, some surveillance applications have features important and useful for special purposes, for instance, for parental control . For example, GPS location feature or GPS hence when you can determine the territory which is safe and you’ll get a notification if your kid will cross the border of that territory.
    • Choose multiple devices plans. If you have several kids or want to hack texts of your employees, you can choose packages which allow to spy on several devices and pay once. These plans can save your money and be more effective than plans for one device. Sometimes they can be a little more expensive than you expect but it’s cheaper than pay for each package separately.
    • Don’t forget to check the compatibility of the spying program . There are some apps that are compatible with Android phones or iOS devices. Although most applications can work with all popular operating systems you should check the compatibility when you hack phone text messages free or when you buy apps.

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    Four Ways to Read Text Messages Online For Free

    In this wonderful digital world, one more wonderful thing which you can do is to read your text messages online even if you left your phone at home, lost it, or it was damaged. Your essential messages will never go unnoticed, even when your phone is not working. If you may have access to a computer, but not your phone, you can still be sure of not missing important text messages and being able to read messages online.

    Determined by the type of phone you are using, an Android or iOS device, there are good apps which you can use.

    • Part 1: Read Deleted and Existed iPhone Messages Online (Free)
    • Part 2: Read Deleted and Existed Text Messages Online for Free (Android)
    • Part 3: Read Your Own Text Messages Online
    • Part 4: Read Other's Text Messages Online

    What worked for you?

    If you were able to fix your SMS issue on your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, what worked for you?

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    Retrieve Messages Without Installing Software on Their Phone

    People of all ages use text messaging to communicate. If you want to find out what's going on behind your back, this is one of the best methods of getting the information you need. mSpy allows you to read someone's text messages without installing software on their phone. You will be able to see who sent them, and at what time. This also includes Apple's iMessage.

    More importantly it will archive messages that have been deleted from the phone. This gives you the assurance that you'll see EVERYTHING.

    OK.  One of the trickiest parts of this whole process is typically getting software installed on the phone.  Many people, especially those with something to hide, jealously guard their phones 24/7.  Some spy apps don't necessarily have to be installed on the target phone to get the information you need.  HOWEVER there are a few things you WILL need. 

    First and foremost if you're spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, child, or whoever has an iPhone or iOS device you will need their iCloud credentials.  Typically this is the email address and password they use for iTunes.  Without this you will need physical access to the phone.

    Secondly, they must have automatic backups enabled.  This is what tells the iPhone to sync all of it's data with the iCloud.  Even if you have their credentials, if this setting isn't turned on, you'll never be able to get updated information.

    There a couple of spy apps out there that give you all these capabilities without installing software, but by far our favorite is mSpy.  mSpy offers both an app an iCloud backup solution and a package that IS installed on the phone.

    Monitor From Your Phone

    A nice feature of this particular software is that it will allow you to monitor another phone from your phone.  Simply login to your dashboard and you'll be able to view everything from the target phone.  The dashboard is highly intuitive and easy to use.  The dashboard works on any type of smartphone.

    Monitor From Your Computer

    Sometimes checking things on your phone can be a pain due to the limited amount of screen space.  mSpy also allows you to login to your dashboard remotely using your computer.  It's web based so it will work on both Windows and Mac machines.  The dashboard on your computer offers all of the same functionality as from your phone.

    Want to learn more about mSpy?  You can demo their software right here .

    Remotely Hack an iPhones or iOS Device

    How does this software work?  Here's a quick overview.  Most phones nowadays get backed up to the cloud .  This backup includes most of the data from the phone inlcuding:

    • call logs
    • contacts
    • text messages
    • location data
    • and more...

    So to start tracking the phones data you'll need to know the iCloud login credentials AND ensure that regular backups are enabled.  This ensures that all data is available for download to YOUR phone or computer when you're ready to view it.

    Hacking an Android Device with Touching It

    Since Android devices do not connect to iCloud there is no way to access these phones without first installing the software on the device.  This means you WILL need physical access to the device.  To get full access to everything on their phone you will most likely need to root the device.  This allows the spy software complete access to all messaging apps, phone logs, and more.

    AnyTrans ® for iOS3 Ways to Read Someones Text Messages without them knowing 2018 How to Get Access to SMS from Other Person Phones 12 texting tricks you didn’t know the iPhone could do

    What is myPhoneDesktop?

    "myPhoneDesktop links your Computer and iDevice the way Apple should have" ( Gizmodo ). myPhoneDesktop provides an easy and effective way to work with your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch directly from your desktop. Whether you need to make a phone call, send a long SMS, copy a large amount of text, send a long and complicated to retype URL, open route in mobile Google Map, or store an image on your iPad or iPhone, myPhoneDesktop greatly streamlines your workflow.

    Use Desktop client which tightly integrates with your OS ( Windows , Mac OSX or Linux ) and provides such handy features like Drag & Drop , global shortcuts like Cmd+C+C and plugin's to popular applications like LaunchBar or Apple Address Book .

    If you are on-the-go or not at your own computer (Hotel, Internet Cafe or Local Library), you can use convenient and full-featured myPhoneDesktop Web Client that works in numerous browsers. Just click the "Run Web Client" button on this page and start sending information to your iPhone.

    You can also use myPhoneDesktop Bookmarklet and send any content from any Webpage to your iPhone/iPod touch with ease! See something you like while browsing Web? Select it and click the "Send to myPhoneDesktop" Bookmarklet then check your iPhone to receive selected content.

    Business users would appreciate seamless integration with SalesForce , which provides ability to Call and SMS to Leads, Accounts and Contacts using iPhone. Mobile spy software application that allows you to monitor or mobile activities of the person you are suspicious. The software is installed on the phone you want to monitor , and is therefore necessary to have the phone for a while . If it's difficult for you to obtain possession of the phone, better provide the person with the pre-installed spy phone software. Cheating spouses straying teens and kids , dishonest employees are not uncommon these days , but there are options available for those who want to avoid being duped by their spouses or dishonesty of its employees and prevent their children or adolescents with a inconvenient events.Discover how to spy and track any cell phoneThese days mobile spy available with a wide range of software features and functions , and you need to choose the software that is according to your needs. Some of the most popular features of the phone spyware are monitoring text messages , getting the call logs , tracking activities with GPS, listen to live calls and doing other things to help you know all the things you want to know about that you are suspicious about .Most people are in a great effort when they have the feeling of being a victim of fraud. Similarly, parents have their own fears and stakeholders . They do not want their children to become a victim of a life changing event . Mobile Spy Software can certainly help avoid problems and to escape the agony of being cheated.These iPhone Spy , Android Spy , BlackBerry Spy and many other applications espionage days are increasingly popular and it is not difficult to find software for some phones. So if your spouse or child is using an Android cell phone , Blackberry or iPhone, you can easily track their every activity and simply installing a cell phone spy application on your cell phone. If you've decided to give your child or spouse with a phone, is an opportunity for you to give them a phone with pre - installed mobile spy software. Once installed on the phone you want to monitor , spy on a phone would become a really simple task smoothly for you and you do not have to worry so much about questions of being duped .Monitoring cell phone is actually mobile spy software to track and monitor any Blackberry , Android , Symbian OS and iPhone smartphones . Application monitoring spy cell phone allows the user to track and monitor his / her cell phone spouses all voice calls, sms text , bookmarks , browsing history , contact data , GPS location tracking , video and photo log , mobile chat , voice calls recording , sim change notification and many more

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