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  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Google Plus
  • Instagram
  • Blog
  • WhatsApp

  • snapchat


  • Facebook Messenger

  • Instagram

  • Call logs

  • SMS

  • Location tracking

  • Keylogger

  • Photos & Videos

  • Internet Usage

  • Rest easy because in the Android operating system you will/may receive notifications and warnings that a certain app may be used to spy on you. This will pin point the app, for an easy uninstall

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11 Answers Danny Carter , Developer at Facebook (2016-present) Answered 53w ago

Woah, that’ll be a tough one. Thing is, Windows mobile is not very popular platform, so there’s no such many apps like there is for Android and iOs .

Still, there are some cross-platform stuff, that is compatible with Winmob.

I’ve done some google search and found an app called Hoverwatch .

This phone tracker multi-functional and can be used for tracking all activities of the owner of the target device: SMS messages, call logs, audio files, camera activities, GPS locations, chats via social media (WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook), web browser history, calendar, names of contacts.

It costs around 20 bucks per month, fifty for 3 and 95 for a year. Try this one out and I hope it will resolve all your problems.


Bet here’s a better advice. Buy your girlfriendwifekids an iPhone with a pre-installed tracking app! How about that? :D

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