Monitoring App Apple iPhone 6s Plus

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1 License for 1 iOS or 1 Android

A single iKeyMonitor license can be used on either one iOS or one Android device, so you don’t need to buy another license if you want to switch the devices between iPhone and Android phone.
  • iSpyoo

    This application also provides excellent iPhone tracking results. The software packages include different features, the collaboration of which gives perfect spyware solutions without missing out anything. iOS spying has truly become much easier thanks to the iSpyoo tracker. However, don’t forget to jailbreak the target device before installing this app on it.

    View Web History

    View your child’s web browser history.

    • Monitor WhatsApp Messages Remotely
    • Is There a 5 Free Ways to Monitor My Wife's or Girlfriend's Text Messages Online
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      Mobidia Technology

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      All the Cell Phone Tracking Features you need

      Once you have subscribed with TheOneSpy Non-Jailbreak Monitoring & Tracking Solution you will be able to:

      • Monitor & View Contacts
      • Read their Text Messages
      • Read their emails – both sent and received
      • View and Monitor the Call Logs (Incoming, outgoing and Missed)
      • Gain access to all the data on the phone: (Photos, Video, GPS and much more) on up-coming version.

      iCloud credentials and backup needed to monitor IOS devices without jailbreak. Physical access is mandatory and Incase iCloud backup is not been activated on target IOS device or 2 -factor/2step verification has enabled.

      Call log

      All the incoming and outgoing calls logs of the target iPhone gadget along with the location if the location has been activated by the caller.


      The entire WhatsApp chat list and all types of chats on the target iPhone messenger


      User can get the entire WhatsApp address book on IOS device


      Check out their iPhone contacts’ complete details, including their cellphone number, landline number, mailing address, email address as well as social media profile details.


      Look into the photographs stored on their iPhone – those they have snapped them from their phone, received from some other device or downloaded from the Internet. Date and time stamp of each is also accessible to you.

      Permissions - Hardware / Apps

      User can view installed apps on the IOS device that demand access to the camera and phone gallery.

      Paired Devices - Bluetooth Pairing

      The devices that can connect through the Bluetooth with the target IOS device their names can be monitored such as wireless headphones, iPhone to iPhone pairing through Bluetooth.


      Gain access to theiriMessages inbox and read entire threads, complete with the time and date stamp of each message, senders’ or receivers’ identity as well as their phone number.

      View their Bookmarks

      It doesn’t end at viewing your target iPhone’s browser history, you can explore further into checking out which pages they have bookmarked or put into the reading list of their Safari.


      Monitor their iPhone’s text messages by reading their entire SMS threads, knowing the identity of the sender and receiver of each text, and checking the date and time stamp of each text.


      Monitor all the appointments made by the target phone user on its cell phone device for the sake of reminder, to check daily routine matters of your targeted person.

      Calendar Events

      Every single events, descriptions, reminders and birthday reminders fixed by the iPhone users


      All the sent Voicemails on the phone such as social messaging apps Voicemails and others

      Internet usage

      The particular apps that have connected to the internet on the target iPhone

      Access their Emails

      Access and monitor their email address: view the emails they have sent or received, their recipient or sender as well as the date and time stamp of each email.

      Access their Browser History

      Open up their Safari and view whichever webpage they have accessed, when they accessed it, and find out whatever they have done through that particular URL.

      Kik- Messages

      View and read all the sent or received messages to the Kik social messaging app installed to the target iPhone

      You’ve got nothing to lose and only the truth to gain. So why not START TODAY?

      Install any iPhone/iPad device with TheOneSpy’s App and start spying on them NOW.

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      Best Parenting Features

      • Whatsapp Monitoring
      • Viber Tracking
      • Facebook Chat Tracker
      • Skype Messaging Tracker
      • Snapchat Monitoring App
      • Tumblr Tracker
      • Hike Messaging Tracker
      • Instagram Monitoring
      • Line Monitoring
      • Zalo Monitoring
      • Tinder Monitoring
      • Kik Monitoring
      • Hangout Monitoring
      • IMO Tracker
      • Telegram Monitoring

      Compatible OS Parenting Apps

      • Android Parental Software
      • Non-JailBreak iPhone Solution
      • Mac OS Monitoring Software
      • Windows Monitoring Software

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