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Trout Unlimited is a grassroots organization. That means that our success in conserving, protecting and enhancing cold water fisheries and their watersheds depends upon the active participation of individuals like you. Our members are our organization. They construct stream improvements, conduct monitoring of aquatic resources, hold education programs, set conservation advocacy agendas, do fund raising, and keep the organization, running strong. If you care about our cold water fisheries and their watersheds and want to give back to them. Trout Unlimited can give you that opportunity. We can use your help.

Trout Unlimited members are often the only line of defense between environment threats and your local trout stream. Why not make a difference.


Join Trout Unlimited today.  Join Trout Unlimited today at the special introductory rate of just $17.50 and get involved in the fight to protect our country’s trout and salmon fisheries.  This low introductory rate is available to new members only and $15 of your $17.50 dues is automatically rebated back to the chapter that directed you to this website. More is rebated to your chapter if you join TU at a higher membership level. By joining now and entering the chapter number in the form below, you are already supporting your local TU chapter.


In addition to knowing you are doing your part to protect the resource we all enjoy, you will also receive the following membership benefits:

  • 1-year subscription to TROUT magazine
  • TU calendar (mailed late Summer)
  • official TU membership card
  • car rental & hotel discounts
  • TU decal
  • Local chapter membership


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