How to Read Texts from Employee's Phone

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For Stock. A hard reset is the most effective thing to help fix certain issues. Sometimes there is an app that is not compatible or an app that doesn't fully uninstall causing issues such as reboots, continual rebooting until battery is pulled. You can also try this if you are having problems with the battery draining to quickly. Always try a hard reset before sending you phone back for replacement.if can't boot phone here is how to put on a custom recover so you can put stock back on or custom ROM. if you phone will boot see video I have posted for rooting and from that program you can put on custom recovery. adb ROMS 2.3 pop 2.2 2.2

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Keeping a tab on your kids, spouse or significant other can often be enlightening. This undetectable phone tracker app lets you keep up with lives of the ones you love.

Retrieve Messages Without Installing Software on Their Phone

People of all ages use text messaging to communicate. If you want to find out what's going on behind your back, this is one of the best methods of getting the information you need. mSpy allows you to read someone's text messages without installing software on their phone. You will be able to see who sent them, and at what time. This also includes Apple's iMessage.

More importantly it will archive messages that have been deleted from the phone. This gives you the assurance that you'll see EVERYTHING.

OK.  One of the trickiest parts of this whole process is typically getting software installed on the phone.  Many people, especially those with something to hide, jealously guard their phones 24/7.  Some spy apps don't necessarily have to be installed on the target phone to get the information you need.  HOWEVER there are a few things you WILL need. 

First and foremost if you're spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, child, or whoever has an iPhone or iOS device you will need their iCloud credentials.  Typically this is the email address and password they use for iTunes.  Without this you will need physical access to the phone.

Secondly, they must have automatic backups enabled.  This is what tells the iPhone to sync all of it's data with the iCloud.  Even if you have their credentials, if this setting isn't turned on, you'll never be able to get updated information.

There a couple of spy apps out there that give you all these capabilities without installing software, but by far our favorite is mSpy.  mSpy offers both an app an iCloud backup solution and a package that IS installed on the phone.

Monitor From Your Phone

A nice feature of this particular software is that it will allow you to monitor another phone from your phone.  Simply login to your dashboard and you'll be able to view everything from the target phone.  The dashboard is highly intuitive and easy to use.  The dashboard works on any type of smartphone.

Monitor From Your Computer

Sometimes checking things on your phone can be a pain due to the limited amount of screen space.  mSpy also allows you to login to your dashboard remotely using your computer.  It's web based so it will work on both Windows and Mac machines.  The dashboard on your computer offers all of the same functionality as from your phone.

Want to learn more about mSpy?  You can demo their software right here .

Remotely Hack an iPhones or iOS Device

How does this software work?  Here's a quick overview.  Most phones nowadays get backed up to the cloud .  This backup includes most of the data from the phone inlcuding:

  • call logs
  • contacts
  • text messages
  • location data
  • and more...

So to start tracking the phones data you'll need to know the iCloud login credentials AND ensure that regular backups are enabled.  This ensures that all data is available for download to YOUR phone or computer when you're ready to view it.

Hacking an Android Device with Touching It

Since Android devices do not connect to iCloud there is no way to access these phones without first installing the software on the device.  This means you WILL need physical access to the device.  To get full access to everything on their phone you will most likely need to root the device.  This allows the spy software complete access to all messaging apps, phone logs, and more.

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