How to Read Someone's SMS Remotely

Need of SMS Tracker with phone number for freeHow to install into Mobile Spy Software is designed to monitorhow to how to read someones sms remotely spy on someones text messages without their phone for free

So, How to Spy on how to read someones sms remotely My Husbands Cell Phone Without Touching It?SpyHuman - The All in One Android Monitoring App | Mobile TrackerHow to install into Mobile Spy Software is designed to monitor

How To Find Out If Someone Has Read Your Text MessagesYou can spy on how to read someones sms remotely virtually any phone remotely and invisibly

LocationManager description

First comes the LocationManager object, no matter what type of application you are building, no matter how are you expecting to use the location, you are always going to use a LocationManager object in your application. LocationManager objects are built right in Android core and you can use them as a system-defined service . To consume this service you need to access the permissions first, in your manifest file enter the following: 

LocationManager provides you with two types of locations:

  1. Approximate location, ( with accuracy of almost 200ft ), ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION .
  2. Accurate location ( with accuracy of 20ft ), ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION .

Mostly, you should consider using ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION, if your application however wants to access location with less precision you can consider ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION type. Along with the accuracy, there is a difference between the battery juice required by both of them. 

To create a new instance of this object, you do not call the new operator on it, instead you call the getSystemService and then cast it to a LocationManager. For example, 

LocationManager manager = (LocationManager) getSystemService(Context.LOCATION_SERVICE);

This would allow you to work with the manager object whose reference you are holding in your application. You can then request for location updates too. 

Requesting location updates

This one is a bit tricky concept as it depends on your application's architecture and design too. You are not going to use a LocationListener if your application does not run in the background, like on a separate worker thread that continuously executes. LocationListeners are removed as soon as your application is closed. For that, PendingIntents are introduced for capturing location updates. 

The function used is similar, but is overloaded and can accept either one of these objects. Now it is your duty to determine which one would suit your needs to capture the location updates. The sleeping application won't be able to capture the updates and you may miss the updates from user as he is moving from one location to another, in those cases a PendingIntent object helps. It can execute on its own separate thread and thus you can allow LocationManager to perform actions using a PendingIntent on your behalf. 

Information : If you have ever read Android documentations, you will know that a PendingIntent is a special kind of Intent. It is an Intent that does not need your application to be active in order to perform some actions, you create an Intent and pass it to the system so that system does that work on your behalf as it was you doing that job! PendingIntent are like tokens, access keys, that you grant other applications or frameworks with, and they use them to mimic your application.

manager.requestLocationUpdate(PROVIDER, minMinutes, minMeters, handler);

The code for handling the updates is same in both cases, now you should understand what each of these variables are. 

  1. PROVIDER As a Java developer, you might have got the idea that a "String"  constant comes here. Built-in values for these providers are, 
    • LocationManager.GPS_PROVIDER, provides access to the location services using GPS satellites.
    • LocationManager.NETWORK_PROVIDER, provides location services using the network. Less accurate location is provided as compared to GPS satellites. 
  2. minMinutes You can control how often does LocationManager update your handlers with an update of location. Set it to a value greater than 0, to get notified after a while. The value is in minutes . 
  3. minMeters Another flag to get notified only if user has moved a few meters away from his previous location. Helps if you want to notify them after 100m or 1000m (1km) and so on. 
  4. handler Now this is a conceptual point and you want to understand this. The handler is just the code that gets triggered when an update is ready for your application to work on.  The handler comes in two shapes and sizes, 
    • LocationListener
    • PendingIntent

The handler details will be discussed in the next sections. Upto this point, LocationManager must be cleared as to what it is and what it provides us with. 

Can You Spy Other Apple iPhone 8s

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mSpy and Other Spyware

Next thing we want to mention is that only mSpy has a remote installation option. It’s basically not installation, but getting access to the target device with the help of login-password account details. It certainly sounds like a difficulty, but if it’s your kid’s new device, you can create an account yourself.

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Inquiry on location aware Member 1278009711-Apr-18 20:08 Member 12780097 11-Apr-18 20:08 
How to add a tracking history based on the route of locations or destinations? Is it possible to include it in your other tutorial?
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My vote of 5 JustWatchLittle8-Dec-17 5:38 JustWatchLittle 8-Dec-17 5:38 
I like this, thank you for sharing.
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Query Member 128279035-May-17 18:29 Member 12827903 5-May-17 18:29 
Where are the contacts stored. Whom we have to send messages
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My vote of 5 Muhammad Shahid Farooq7-Aug-16 19:21 Muhammad Shahid Farooq 7-Aug-16 19:21 
Good Work
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question Member 126028141-Aug-16 8:10 Member 12602814 1-Aug-16 8:10 
How to broadcastlcaton simply by pushing button to web service Pls?pls tell me my final year project is brodcast current location for help to friends that the user wentes that the request send to to webservice the dataclarke get the massage that the user send and he symple sends massage by cellphoe for his frind,Pls help me I only have 5 days for defense pls pls .hezakumullahe hayren
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Re: question Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan1-Aug-16 11:52 Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan 1-Aug-16 11:52 
I have already mentioned in my post that the article covers the means of sharing the data. I have shared the data using SMS gateways, you can use web services to share the content of the location. They are already written in their and all you have to do is remove the SMS senders and add them as Web Service handlers. The sh*t I complain about It's like there ain't a cloud in the sky and it's raining out - Eminem ~! Firewall !~
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Cooment kalsa18-Jul-16 2:17 kalsa 18-Jul-16 2:17 
Good one dear...
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in android studio 1.5.1 it has so errors! stackprogramer21-Mar-16 21:21 stackprogramer 21-Mar-16 21:21 
really this source project that you shared is worked or the source has problem please answer
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Re: in android studio 1.5.1 it has so errors! Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan22-Mar-16 7:05 Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan 22-Mar-16 7:05 
The source code was compiled, built and tested with multiple versions of Android OS. Can you share the error message that you are getting, so that I can help you further. The sh*t I complain about It's like there ain't a cloud in the sky and it's raining out - Eminem ~! Firewall !~
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Re: in android studio 1.5.1 it has so errors! stackprogramer24-Mar-16 8:59 stackprogramer 24-Mar-16 8:59 
thanks i had problem gradle are best. goodluck
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Re: in android studio 1.5.1 it has so errors! stackprogramer27-Mar-16 9:39 stackprogramer 27-Mar-16 9:39 
finally i built apk file this is snapshot of it thanks for sharing your knowledge see link build your app
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Re: in android studio 1.5.1 it has so errors! Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan27-Mar-16 9:42 Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan 27-Mar-16 9:42 
Thank you for trying it out. Your attempt has now motivated me to write a better application with similar features, as these libraries were a bit old ones and Google doesn't recommend them. I'll update the content once I am done writing that. Thank you for your time! The sh*t I complain about It's like there ain't a cloud in the sky and it's raining out - Eminem ~! Firewall !~
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Re: in android studio 1.5.1 it has so errors! stackprogramer27-Mar-16 9:46 stackprogramer 27-Mar-16 9:46 
it 's Great.
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Re: in android studio 1.5.1 it has so errors! Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan27-Mar-16 9:47 Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan 27-Mar-16 9:47 
Good to know, let me hear if you make any changes to the package! I'd love to see what you make of it. The sh*t I complain about It's like there ain't a cloud in the sky and it's raining out - Eminem ~! Firewall !~
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Re: in android studio 1.5.1 it has so errors! stackprogramer27-Mar-16 9:55 stackprogramer 27-Mar-16 9:55 
surely if edited it, i will shared it here with link download and snapshot goodluck best regards stackprogramer
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Re: in android studio 1.5.1 it has so errors! stackprogramer6-Apr-16 23:28 stackprogramer 6-Apr-16 23:28 
hi, i had a question this api for location is accessed in android nexus 4.1? i wan to build it for android 4.1 please answer.
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Re: in android studio 1.5.1 it has so errors! Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan7-Apr-16 5:14 Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan 7-Apr-16 5:14 
Google's Nexus 4 and Android 4.1 are different things. You can see the project's built target for more information on that. I believe, this starts to target mobile devices with Android greater than or equal to 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich). The sh*t I complain about It's like there ain't a cloud in the sky and it's raining out - Eminem ~! Firewall !~
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Re: in android studio 1.5.1 it has so errors! stackprogramer7-Apr-16 9:08 stackprogramer 7-Apr-16 9:08 
thanks for reply
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Re: in android studio 1.5.1 it has so errors! stackprogramer27-Mar-16 12:50 stackprogramer 27-Mar-16 12:50 
hi,i yet didn't change your app.i only shared my built apk.for android 6 my location apk file
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My vote of 5 stackprogramer17-Mar-16 11:10 stackprogramer 17-Mar-16 11:10 
thank you for sharing your knowledge
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Do not use this code ... it is all wrong... Selvin12-Jan-16 23:07 Selvin 12-Jan-16 23:07 
1. if you are using LocationManager.requestLocationUpdates with PendingIntent then you should get Location in Intent reciver(IntentService in this example) by taking it from Inent passed to onIntentService it should be in extra with key: LocationManager.KEY_LOCATION_CHANGED ... 2. there is no wakelocks here ... program will stop working after phone go sleep 3. ContentManager is created for almost every single use 4. 2 diferent databases instead one with different tables 5 ... i could tourment every single line of this code for whole day ... fascinates me...i can stare it for hours...
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My vote of 5 Kamran_Shahid4-Dec-15 1:37 Kamran_Shahid 4-Dec-15 1:37 
Great article Afzaal bhai ..
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Re: My vote of 5 Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan4-Dec-15 1:43 Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan 4-Dec-15 1:43 
Thank you very much, Kamran! The sh*t I complain about It's like there ain't a cloud in the sky and it's raining out - Eminem ~! Firewall !~
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My vote of 5 maq_rohit9-Nov-15 8:53 maq_rohit 9-Nov-15 8:53 
Great Article. Keep it up
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Re: My vote of 5 Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan9-Nov-15 9:05 Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan 9-Nov-15 9:05 
Thank you, Rohit! The sh*t I complain about It's like there ain't a cloud in the sky and it's raining out - Eminem ~! Firewall !~
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UN Security Council (UNSC): 30 delegates (double delegate, 15 countries)

Under the Charter, the Security Council has primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security. It has 15 Members, and each Member has one vote. Under the Charter, all Member States are obligated to comply with Council decisions.

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Date and Time Stamps.

Message Body Text.

Contact Information.

Note : Contact Information will only be displayed if it is saved in the target device’s contacts.

How It Works?

The application, when installed, takes a back-up of the call log information from the devices. It instantly uploads the data to your user account, for you to monitor.

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  • As a parent

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