How Can I Track Others SMS Messages Using iOS

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MobileMonitor: The Creepiest iPhone Jailbreak App Ever!

Jeff Benjamin on November 24, 2011


Want to see something really creepy? I mean, really creepy?

MobileMonitor is a jailbreak app that just appeared in Cydia, and as its name implies, it lets you monitor mobile devices remotely.

It really has to be seen to be understood, but MobileMonitor basically allows you to track virtually every facet of an iPhone’s usage remotely, completely unknown to the user of the device. Full video inside…

Even a so-called iPhone expert could be duped into thinking their iPhone was completely scot-free of MobileMonitor. It doesn’t show up in the Home screen, Settings, or a Spotlight search. It doesn’t even show up in Mobile Substrate add-ons via SBSettings. In-fact, MobileMonitor is so stealthy that it’ll even prevent you from viewing the app’s details in Cydia if it happens to be installed on your device.

But that’s not even the most frightening aspect of MobileMonitor. No, that’s reserved for the mobile monitoring web application that’s accessible from any browser.

Once logged in to the MobileMonitor website , one can essentially track a person’s iPhone usage down to the pictures they take. Like I was saying, scary stuff.

But pictures are just the beginning; you can track SMS messages, phone calls, GPS coordinates, notes, browser history, call history, and virtually anything else that’s logged to a database in iOS.

As a testament to how thorough the tracking is, the MobileMonitor app makes you agree to terms and conditions of EULA like proportions. Obviously, they want to cover their behinds in case any legal ramifications stem from MobileMonitor’s use.

Best case scenario, it can help parents track their children’s iPhone usage and employers track how employees are using company time. (Even still, that’s a little unnerving.)

Worst case scenario? Well, I’m sure your minds can come up with plenty of those, especially since you need a jailbroken device to use MobileMonitor, and most employers and parents aren’t exactly jailbreak savvy.

MobileMonitor offers a free 24 hour limited trial along with a .90 monthly premium service for the full shebang.

I can’t help but think that this is downright scary stuff that’s just waiting for unscrupulous individuals to take advantage of, but perhaps I’m just fear mongering a bit.

If anything is learned from this, it’s that you shouldn’t just arbitrarily install apps and tweaks on your device without knowing what they are, and where they’re from. By doing so, you’re opening yourself to significant risk, as demonstrated in the video.

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You have to be very careful when selecting iPhone hacks in Cydia because .. applied by Apple, and the phone carrier many powerful features are disabled. How to track cell phone location, text messages and appsEnter the characters you see below App to Read Other Peoples Texts Lets You SMS TRACKER7. Hopper App

The Best System Monitor for Android

Alan Henry 10/06/11 1:30pm Filed to: Android App Directory Filed to: Android App Directory
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There's no shortage of system monitoring apps for Android, ranging from tiny one-glance widgets to deep-dive apps that offer incredible detail. To keep an eye on your phone's performance and status, we found Elixir 2 is the best tool for the job. If you want to examine a remote PC from an Android phone, PC Monitor is the best way to do it.


Elixir 2

Platform: Android Price: Free Download Page


PC Monitor

Platform: Android Price: Free Download Page



  • Offers detailed information about an Android device's hardware, including battery status and remaining charge cycles, wireless networking (3G, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth) hardware and status, used and available internal and SD storage, CPU and memory utilization, system settings, and other hardware components
  • Allows users to change system settings (brightness, timeout, volume, ringer, networking, etc,) enable or disable hardware sensors, and manage installed applications from the information screen inside the app
  • Offers home screen widgets that can be customized to fit on any home screen and provide direct access to often-used system settings or simply display system performance and resource utilization
  • Offers optional personal and admin add-on applications that manage contacts, missed calls, SMS messages, and admin-level tasks for users who are willing to grant additional permissions.


PC Monitor

  • Allows you to remotely monitor system status and performance of multiple remote computers, including CPU utilization, memory allocation and utilization, usage history, and uptime
  • Provides ping and response time from phone to remote system
  • Offers access to system services, network and interface status, running processes, and logged-in users.
  • Allows you to browse hard drives and the file system, event logs, system reports, and hardware details
  • Sends start/stop/pause commands to system services, logs off users, kills process, supports command prompts on remote systems, allows you to manage users (enable/disable/reset passwords) in Active Directory
  • Allows you to update the system via Windows update, manage Exchange servers, and manage virtual systems in Hyper-V
  • Sends alerts when a remote computer goes down, starts up, has a low battery, or when services stop unexpectedly, users log in or out, and more, including custom alerts
  • Encrypts monitoring traffic between the phone and the remote system


Elixir may be overkill for some people who want a system monitor, or a tool to keep an eye on their storage or running processes, but it's the sheer amount of information that Elixir collects and presents to you that makes it the best. Plus, because Elixir allows you to manage and change so many system options in the same application, you can't go wrong. Elixir gives you one place to go to learn everything you could possibly want to know about an Android device, and then tweak everything from sensor settings to installed applications, all in one app.

PC Monitor gives you a comprehensive monitoring suite to connect to and examine remote computers from your Android device. If you manage a Windows or Linux home server (or a few servers in a small enterprise setting,) and need to be able to tunnel into them even when you're away from your desk, PC Monitor gives you quick access to it from your Android phone. It even allows you to manage virtual devices, and control virtually every aspect of your remote system.


Elixir's real drawback is that it's fairly resource intensive by itself. The app launches when your Android phone boots up, and because it touches virtually every aspect of your device, it requires some serious permissions. PC Monitor, on the other hand, is really only limited in the fact that it doesn't support Mac OS in addition to Windows and Linux.

When it comes to managing an Android device locally, you have plenty of options. If you don't want something as heavy (or as robust) as Elixir, you can try previously mentioned MiniInfo , another system manager that can tell you all about your system at a single glance, and has some attractive widgets to boot. It doesn't do as deep a dive as Elixir does, but if you're concerned with the basics like storage, battery, and CPU/memory utilization, it's a good option.


OS Monitor and Advanced System Monitor Pro are all about running processes, network connectivity and traffic, and resource utilization. If you'd like to see how an app, service, or activity influences your system, they're both good tools, but they're targeted for benchmarkers and system testers, not monitoring. They're weak on widgets and reporting utilities, so you'll have to keep an eye on it manually. Perfect System Monitor , while not so perfect, does give you a good home-screen widget that displays basic system information and uptime with little configuration. It doesn't display hardware info, and it doesn't let you manage your phone, but it does display a bit more information than MiniInfo, albeit uglier. These apps just scratch the surface of the wealth of system monitoring utilities for Android: if none of them catch your fancy, there's likely another one just a tap away.

As for remote system management, PC Monitor is just about it. There aren't a ton of remote management applications that allow Android devices to remotely manage other systems. There are plenty of apps that serve as RDP or VNC clients, or that turn your phone into a remote control or remote viewer for your computer, but not too many that let you monitor one.

Lifehacker's App Directory is a new and growing directory of recommendations for the best applications and tools in a number of given categories.


You can reach Alan Henry, the author of this post, at [email protected] , or better yet, follow him on Twitter or Google+ .

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