Bear Hole Driving Tour

Swatara1---28892581Folks who enjoy beautiful places like Sweet Arrow Lake might also find this of interest.  It seems to be the best kept secret in the area, that once a month you can drive through Swatara State Park on Old State Road (now called the Bear Hole Driving Tour).  Old State Rd. was closed to the public a few years ago with the agreement that it would be opened occasionally for drive throughs

Waterville_Bridge_in_Swatara_State_Park_HAER_462-14Cars may enter from 9:00am to 2:00pm tomorrow Friday, Oct. 24 and Saturday, Oct. 25.   The entry point is at the new Swope’s Valley Trail Head on Swopes’s Valley Rd., Pine Grove just past the original entrance to Old State Rd.  and the exit it at the Appalachian Trail Bridge (iron bridge) near Lickdale.  Although there have been some nice improvements in the park it remains largely undeveloped which means that you are in for a drive through thousands of acres of untouched forest along the Swatara Creek and the old Union Canal.  For those who have been on other drive throughs at state game lands and parks and experienced slow moving bumper to bumper rides, be aware that this one is not like that.  Because not many people seem to be aware of this opportunity, attendance is low and there doesn’t seem to be a problem with traffic flow.

Henry J. Paisley ” The True Fisherman”


HenryHenry J. Paisley had a passion for fishing.   A similar passion attracts our members to join Trout Unlimited.

It is apparent of Henry’s love for fishing, and confirmed in the assortment of fly tying material he accumulated over the years.

The Estate of Mr. Paisley wanted to pass down Henry’s love of the sport by donating his fly tying supplies to Schuylkill County Trout Unlimited. SCTU will use the donation during the chapter’s fly tying classes this winter.  By doing this, a little bit of Henry’s excitement for fishing can be passed on to future generations.

It’s a privilege of SCTU to accept this donation.


“Remembering and Recognizing the Schuylkill River”

Schuylkill Headwaters Association and the Schuylkill County Historical Society are proud to present:
“Remembering and Recognizing the Schuylkill River”
Majestic Theater – Pottsville, PA
Wednesday, October 29, 2014
6:00 p.m.
For more information, please see the attached flyer. If you have any other questions regarding the event, please contact Outreach Coordinator Alexa Kramer at or 570-622-3742 ext 119

Conserving, Protecting and Restoring the Schuylkill County's Cold Water Fisheries